Friday, 27 April 2018

Rammed Earth and Compacting Below the Outdoor Living Space

Hi Everyone and thanks for checking out the latest shots of The Cabin in the Woods as its being built.
These photos show a relatively small wall with a lot of right angle turns, utility knockouts and some damp-proofing below grade.  

The area to be back filled and compacted for outdoor living space outside of the sliding glass wall.

Double silt cloth wrapped drain tile and roof drain each with six inches of sand or drain rock around them.

Drain tile and roof drain clean-outs in the corner where they turn ninety degrees.

Damp-proofing with an airspace next to the wall.

A panoramic for fun.

Some utility knockouts below the future mechanical room.

The outdoor living area or what will be one day. 
Thanks for checking in and new material will be sporadic until July due to working commitments.

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