Thursday, 1 March 2018

Ramming Earth Between Snow and Sub-zero Temperatures

Hi Everyone, thanks for checking out the latest pictures of "the Cabin in the Woods".  It's been a long time between posts as I've been working elsewhere.  As mentioned before we are onto the third and final level.  If all goes as planned this will be the last summer of ramming before the roof goes on.

Winter time lighting filtering through the trees with the "cottage forming" of the retaining wall in the foreground.

Same thing as the last picture just a slightly different angle.  Although the picture depicts sun, this was the exception during this wall.  

Two days after I finished ramming this wall the temperature went down to minus 7 C.  After three or four cold nights it decided to snow a couple times too.  I insulated the top of the wall to try and retain some of the heat created through hydration.    

After all the weather troubles everything appears to be OK with the wall.  

The retaining wall side, It seems a waste to me sometimes to bury all that beautiful rammed earth but that's whats happening on this side.

Thanks again for checking in and I'll get some regular posts happening throughout the summer. 

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