Wednesday, 9 August 2017

Random Weekly Photos

Hi everyone and thanks for checking up on our progress building The Cabin in the Woods.

These are some random photos this week.
Foamglas insulation blocks below the inner wythe of rammed earth.  The engineer determined we could place 14" long blocks between the vertical rebars leaving ten inches of rammed earth touching the footing.  While it doesn't complete thermal envelope 100% it will help stop thermal bridging.

This wall is 19 feet long so to avoid bowing we switched to LVL wailers.  They are a little heavier and fairly expensive but very stiff and stable. 
Rebar details seen inside the form before ramming begins.

The last of the tall walls can be seen in the distance.  Note the fresh air intake for the wood-stove in the corner of the wall in the foreground.

Thanks for checking in, the next update will be in about ten days once the last tall wall is complete.

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  1. The wall in the last picture looks beautiful! The color is very nice in the sunlight.