Sunday, 30 July 2017

Still Ramming

Hi Everyone and welcome to more progress pictures of the ramming stage.  We are forming the last of the tall walls on the middle level of the Cabin in the Woods and so anticipate an increase in turn around time once we complete this wall.  It's a case of the the last 5% takes about 75% of your energy when the walls are tall with a skid-steer that won't quite reach the top.

The top position for the form work before we slide it down the poles

Forming the bottom layer of the next section, notice the keyed end of the completed perpendicular wall.  The rebar lap length is 32" which is tricky to move the rammers through.

Second to last position of the form work with the forms shown in the open position.  The white tarp is to block the direct sunlight from the day old layer that becomes exposed when the forms are raised.

Stripping the forms by sliding them down the poles.  Kids don't try this at home...Still working on making this process feel more rigid and less wobbly.

A peak from behind the wall just completed towards the wall currently being formed.  The keyway can be seen in the closest rammed earth although no earth is to mate with this wall, rather a stick frame wall housing a door will mate with this surface.  Notice the flash on the chamfer areas from a miter strip that wasn't totally tight to the forms.  It'll need attention later to clean it up. 
The whole site as it was on July 29, 2017.

Thanks for checking in on our progress on the Cabin in the Woods.  We will be onto the final level by September sometime so check back in or sign up for email notifications of our blog activity.