Friday, 19 May 2017

Rammed Earth Progress Update

Thanks for checking in on the progress we are making building the Cabin in the Woods, a unique rammed earth residence in Sooke BC Canada.  Below are some pictures of the last few weeks showing what has been happening.

Waterproofing the back of the retaining wall that separates the living level and bedroom levels.

Waterproofing with drain rock and drain tile under filter fabric, ready to be back filled.

The living level of the Cabin back filled with four feet of pit run and compacted using a 700 lb plate compactor.

The back filling was necessary to allow the bobcat to deliver dirt to the walls on the back side of the house.

The climbing form work in place and ready to go.

The form work with 2x10 wailers and form-ply installed and polyiso insulation and reinforcing steel in place inside the forms. 

Rammed Earth up to the top of the forms with damp burlap aiding curing.  Next step is to lift the form work and ram again.

Same stage as the last shot just from a different angle.

The wall appears to extrude out of the bottom of the form work.  This is the second "step" rammed and curing under burlap.
Thanks for checking in and expect more progress on the Cabin in the Woods very soon!  Please feel free to share this on your social media, subscribe or leave comments.

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