Monday, 24 April 2017

Tall Rammed Earth Wall

Hi and welcome back after a long winter break.  After a long winter of setting tile and milling we are once again working on The Cabin In The Woods.

Wall end detail with rebar and conduit in the foreground.

Formwork as it was when we were approaching the top of the 16'8" high wall.
Mixing and delivering onto the scaffold.  
Shovelling earth into the forms from the mixer chute.

The tall wall as it stand right now.
Another task necessary for getting the next walls ready to ram is to bring the levels of the first stepped down floor up to allow access for the skid steer.  The first step is to complete the waterproofing behind the retaining wall.
Wrapping drain tile in filter fabric.  

Drain tile ready for drain rock.

The drain rock and filter fabric will now be below the compacted layers of material to bring the elevation up to footing height on the next level up.
Adding a slope to the footing edge prior to the installation of platon waterproofing on the walls to be buried.  This will prevent any water from settling and staying on the footing.  

Thanks again for joining us on our building journey.

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