Wednesday, 7 September 2016

Rammed Earth Retaining Wall

 Welcome to the latest update on building The Cabin In the Woods.  Below are some pictures showing and describing our progress.

Our Climbing formwork being set up for the west side of the master bedroom.

The completed west wall of the master bedroom.  The foamglas insulation and 10mm slab hooks are shown at the bottom near the footing.  Note how the insulation turns inside the wall to complete the thermal envelope to the sliding glass door frame (not shown).

Another view of the west master bedroom wall and the retaining wall currently being built.  The Xypex damp proof layer can be seen where the retaining wall is going.  

This is a cross section of the typical reinforcing for the retaining wall.  It is a challenge to work around all that steel.  

There are too many corners and nooks in this wall to use the current version of the climbing formwork so we went back to the strong-back and board-form system we used earlier in the build.  We are also trying to completely build the guts of the wall before beginning to ram as opposed to building it as we go on ram day.
Panoramic shot of the retaining wall as its being formed.  Once completed we are officially complete on the bedroom lower level as far as rammed earth is concerned.  
Thanks for taking time to check in on our progress and as always feel free to share this on your social media or leave a comment.

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