Friday, 23 September 2016

Rammed Earth Retaining Wall Complete

Hi Everyone and thanks again for checking in!  We reached a bit of a milestone this week as we finished the retaining wall mentioned in the last post.  The rammed earth is now complete on the lower level of the Cabin In The Woods.

There is going to be two tours coming through in two weeks time.  We will be hosting an AIBC learning unit for rammed earth and a local eco-house tour.  We will try to get everyone familiar with the process and materials involved in building using rammed earth.

Another bit of news,,, Earth House Holdings Ltd. is now the Vancouver Island licensee for SIREWALL.  SIREWALL (Structural Insulated Rammed Earth) has been leading the modern rammed earth industry for about two decades.  They have a very impressive portfolio of work.  Check it out at

That completes the lower level as far as rammed earth is concerned.
Please feel free to share this site or leave a comment.  I will post a few pictures of the tours coming through in two weeks time.

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