Friday, 5 August 2016

Climbing Formwork Spoiler Shots

Hello and welcome to the latest update on building the"Cabin in the Woods", a unique rammed earth residence in Sooke BC.

As promised here are some spoiler shots of the climbing formwork in action.  Already we have changed several elements on the climbing mechanisms based on the first trials.  Using this system is getting easier and quicker.

At the top of the second wall section rammed using the climbing system.

Same position different camera angle.

The tarp was used to block sunlight and create a moist curing space for the fresh rammed earth.

Next wall section ready to be rammed...starting this one on Tuesday or Wednesday.

It's an absolute treat to build the guts of the wall (insulation, rebar, and waterproofing) before the form-ply is installed.
A unique advantage to the climbing system.

Thanks for checking in and I'll post more on the climbing system as it evolves.  My goal is to have the wall actually build itself but in the meantime....

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