Wednesday, 8 June 2016

Climbing Rammed Earth Formwork

Hello and thanks for checking in with the progress on "The Cabin in the Woods"...a unique rammed earth residence being built in Sooke, BC, Canada.

The Cabin in the Woods as it sits now.

In a perfect world more of my energy would have been devoted to "The Cabin" but during the winter several jobs needed to get done in order to "float the boat".  

White glass-crete hearth
White glass-crete vanity with two integral ramp sinks.
Large white glass crete kitchen counters. 
West coast theme bathroom with pebbles from the beach for shower floor.
We are now ready to recommence ramming the walls with a new twist.  We will be using our new and original climbing formwork.  During the last couple months we have been concepting, drawing, and fabricating our unique system.  This formwork will save time forming and stripping, allow easier access into the wall as its being built, and get rid of those "board form" lines that are inherent in every building cast or rammed using sheets of ply.

Fabricated components of our climbing formwork system.
Assembly of the climbing formwork components shown above will start on Monday June 13th and ramming should begin as soon as a trial of the mechanisms and motions that allow the formwork to climb are tested.

Thanks for checking in on our progress and please feel free to leave comments or contact me directly with any questions.


  1. Very Cool. I am looking forward to seeing how the slip form system works!

    Strengths look great, walls look beautiful :).

    1. Thanks Joss. More information about the Step Forming Rig will become available soon. We have used it and it worked great. Some advantages we found were ease of installing insulation and rebar while not constrained inside the forms, no detectable "ply lines", quick set up, and it has promise of being very modular and scaffold like.