Friday, 19 February 2016

Insulation Recycling

Hello and welcome to the latest blog about building "The Cabin in the Woods", a rammed earth residence in Sooke, BC, Canada.  As the project continues the many bills and invoices can seem overwhelming at times.  Its great when you can get something for less and even better when that something could have ended up in the landfill.

Out of the blue my friend (who works for a local roofing company) called me up and said he had my under slab insulation.  It turns out they were ripping off a massive roof and there was a huge surplus of 3" XPS foam available.  He tells me he has seen this resource go to the landfill in the past.  I jumped on the opportunity and because the cost of the slab insulation was going to be much less than what was originally budgeted, the slab now has 6" of R5/inch insulation rather than 4".  That's R30 instead of R20 underfoot.
A pile of foam is only so interesting to photograph but the money we saved was definitely interesting!
We purchased about 7000 square feet for roughly 20 cents on the dollar.  7000 square feet is to be doubled up for six inch thickness under the hydronic heated slab. 

It was a win, win, win, win situation.  The Cabin in the Woods now has 50% more insulation under the hydronic heated slab, we saved money on the insulation required, we saved a resource from going to the dump by reusing it (its in really good shape too), and the roofing company saved on the costs of trying to sell or dump it elsewhere.

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