Monday, 9 November 2015

Ramming and Stripping Wall D

Welcome to an update on building our Cabin in the Woods.  A rammed earth residence in Otter Point BC Canada.   In this blog we have captioned photos of ramming and stripping Wall D.  We battled the elements during the ramming of this wall with no fewer than four tarp emergencies that took place either during ramming or after ward while trying to keep the forms dry.  It made for plenty of extra worry and work!

Inside Wall D with electrical conduit, 4" PolyIso foam, vertical rebar, horizontal rebar and "X" rebar connecting the inner and outer wythes. 

Sometimes it can be a tight squeeze getting the details and X rebars tied in place.

Wall D half stripped of the form work.  The moisture in the wall makes it appear much darker than the final product.  Wall B can be seen mating to Wall D at the upper left of this photo.

Seismic rebar and foamglas insulation is typical on all of the inner wythes (inner most bottom part of the wall).

Wall D completely stripped with a makeshift roof to keep the insulation dry through the monsoon here on Vancouver Island.

Wall D shown with a different angle.
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