Thursday, 1 October 2015

Welcome again to the latest update on ramming the walls for The Cabin in the Woods.  We will complete the ramming of wall B tomorrow.  Here are some photos of the form work and ramming on wall B.
Wall A with wall B form work in the background.

The earth used in the walls.   
X reinforcing joining the wythes (inside and outside courses).  Below the X's are rebar couplers making horizontal rebars continuous through the wall joints.  Wall A has the three inch rebars sticking proud.

An electrical box with conduit fastened to the form ply about to be buried in the earth.

X reinforcing every two feet of vertical wall.

Get back to work!  The boss looks angry.

The site as it site right now.
 Thanks for checking in this week.  We will reveal Wall B very soon...five days curing and then we will strip the forms.  Please check back soon to see how wall B turned out.  Stripping the forms will be like unwrapping an 18000 kg Christmas present!

Please feel free to leave comments or contact me with questions.

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