Thursday, 20 August 2015

Rammed Earth Color Selection

Welcome to the latest update about building our rammed earth Cabin in the Woods.  There was a bit of "hurry up and wait" going on this week but we now have everything on site to begin ramming.
A summary of all that happened this week:
Several lifts of form-ply had to be rejected due to imperfections, suitable earth was delivered (8.4 miles from the the source), and colors were chosen.  We are still forming up rammed earth wall A (same wall as last week).

After trying several different colors we have decided upon the sample on the left.  It comes fairly close to the native soil color. 
The importance of good compaction is shown in this color close up.  The bottom lift was vigorously hand rammed while the top was lightly compacted.   More voids can be detected on the top lift.
4" polyiso insulation is stacked and ready to go.
The base of wall A has 10mm rebar "L's" connecting it to the slab and 3" interior roof drains.  We needed to create this base under our form-ply to facilitate these two details.  All of this happens below interior and exterior grade.
Earth has been delivered from a gravel pit that is located 8.4 miles away (according to my odometer).  It needs to be covered to avoid pine needles and tree debris.  These always mysteriously find their way to the surface of any form if given the chance.  
Clear access for the skid steer to the lower levels.  Carrying 1400 lbs of rammed earth and a thousand pound mixing attachment warrants smooth access.  
Thanks for checking in  this week and please share this blog on your social media.  Any comments you have will be answered soon after they are published.  Check back next week as we near completion of wall A.

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