Monday, 27 July 2015

Mixer, Pneumatic Tampers, Deer, and Free Firewood

Welcome to the weekly update on the construction of the Cabin in the Woods.  This week found me traveling as far as Bellingham in Washington State for a skid steer driven mixer and to Saltspring Island for some admixtures, tampers, and good advice from thegood folks at SIREwall.  Perhaps due to the lack of activity and noise at the site this week, there seemed to be an abundance of animals around.

The new mixer from Skid Steer Solutions in Bellingham.  This is an auger style mixer with plenty of power.  It can discharge mixed material from the side, bottom or you can dump just like a conventional skid steer bucket.  It will not stay this shiny for very long.
Internal waterproofing admixture by Kryton.  The good folks at SIREwall had some left over after constructing a beautiful museum in Whyoming.

Tested and ready!  These three well loved and well used pneumatic tampers are ready to go.  They will (I hope) ram all 100m^3 of rammed earth in the Cabin in the Woods.
Like a sasquatch or UFO sighting, my one wildlife shot is somewhat blurry.  This cute little fawn has a sibling and they are generally around in the mornings or evenings at the site.
Free firewood or garden bed/fence wood.  I will assist loading with the skid steer for anyone who is interested in the Sooke area.  These mill offcuts are piling up and it would be great if someone has use for them.
Thanks for reading our weekly update and please share this blog on your social media.  Please check in again next week.

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