Monday, 8 June 2015

Rammed Earth Footings

Welcome to the weekly "Cabin in the Woods" blog.  Currently we are forming the footings and preparing for a concrete pour on Friday June 12th in the morning.  The weather has been cooperating and the hammers have been swinging.

Quality Rammed Earth structures start with a good set of plans!  The dirt and wrinkles on the plans are evidence that they are getting well used.

Setting the screed boards into hard compacted material requires metal framing pins as wood ones will shatter.  Recall that we are using the Fastfoot forming system for our footings that measure 12" X 42" in cross section.

Joining the different levels with stepped footings.  The white footing bags are filled with concrete and left to cure. The bags protect the entire structure from ground water below the footing as bare concrete will suck water up by capillary action.  Each 100' roll of Fastfoot fabric replaces about 1000lbs of forming lumber according to Fab-form (we used 8 rolls).

Everyday my son Waylon comes to help out after school.  He says he's not going to kindergarten on pour day so he can help out.  His mom might have a thing or two to say about that!

Here is the Rebar hung from the screed board cleats.  The tuck tape is seaming two rolls of Fastfoot together as our footings were too wide to get it all done with one roll.

Thanks for joining us this week and by next week I should have pictures of pour day and the footings to share.

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