Monday, 22 June 2015

Milling and preparing for forming the rammed earth walls.

Welcome to this weeks update on the construction of The Cabin In The Woods ( For the week ending June 22, 2015 ).  A lot of construction is the stuff that goes on before anything of significance happens.  Planning, ordering, organizing, and analyzing all fall into this invisible category of tasks that are necessary but somewhat mundane in nature.  I feel that the Cabin in the Woods project is regrouping now that the footings are poured.... and while we are regrouping, we are taking care of many of these mundane tasks.

The footings are now curing inside of the watertight fastfoot bags.  This allows for greater strength as the moisture in the concrete is retained in the concrete while it cures.
One of the biggest tasks we are tackling during this "regrouping" period is getting all the lumber needed for the project milled and curing.  It can take six months or more for lumber to properly cure by air drying methods.  Nearly all of the lumber to be used in the Cabin in the Woods was harvested, milled and dried on site.

Lumber air drying saves on greenhouse gas emissions.  Drying lumber with air just takes longer than drying with a kiln.  Most of the lumber is undercover as its best to keep the sun off of the newly milled lumber as it can cause warpage and cracking.
Milling fir that was harvested about 50 feet away from the mill!

The skid-steer has been a real back-saver for stacking and moving around the milled lumber.

Rammed earth construction will begin mid July.  Currently we are sourcing and organizing materials, labor and tooling to make this happen.  Please check back next week for more on milling the lumber needed to build the cabin in the woods and preparations for building the rammed earth walls.

If anyone is in the Sooke area, I have lots of mill ends that can be used for firewood, chicken coops or garden beds.  The best part is that its just have to come and get it.

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