Monday, 15 June 2015

Completing the Footing Forms and Pouring

Welcome back for the weekly update on the construction of The Cabin in the Woods.  Since last week we have completed the form work, tied all the steel, and poured the footings.

 There was considerable rebar to install to meet the engineering requirements.  We live in an earthquake prone area on the west coast and so steel is necessary to give the footings tensile strength.
All the wood used to build the forms was harvested and milled on site.  The best part is I can now re-use the same wood again, and again.....

The footings are ready to go!  After I strip the screed boards, rammed earth wall construction will begin shortly after.

We had a crew of five guys to tackle the pour this morning.  Things went very smoothly ... lots of arms lightens the load.

The best help money can buy.   They did go to school but wanted to help out a little before leaving.

Today's pour was 36 cubic meters.  The most crucial tool was the pumper truck.  I think I saw maybe ten shovels of concrete moved all day.  Not bad for such big footings.  Thanks to the crew at City Pumping.

Thanks for checking in again and next week I will post pictures of milling the trees that were harvested on site.  Please share on your social media and email me or comment below if you have any questions.  I check them both regularly and will get back to you.

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