Tuesday, 19 May 2015

Roof Redesign

Welcome!  In this blog post we are going to showcase our recent roof redesign and go over the reasons behind the redesign of the roof after the structural engineering of the roof was complete.  Our decision to redesign the roof came after talking to builders and realtors about roofs on the West Coast of British Columbia.  We spoke to builders because they know what works through trial and error, and realtors because they know what people are looking for in a house.  We came up with three reasons to redesign the roof.  Redesigning incurs more cost but we feel this change is worth it … read on to find out why.

Firstly, I’ve found that there is a regional association with flat roofs and leakage, mould and rot problems.  I think this association is a hangover from the cases of leaky condos that occurred in BC during the 90’s.  Properly designed flat roofs will not leak any easier than more conventional sloped roofs, nevertheless this stereotype exists and could affect the appeal of the Cabin in the Woods.  Also, the goal is to showcase rammed earth, not flat roof design.  Prospective builders, architects and clients will relate more readily to the Cabin In The Woods and the technology of rammed earth if the structure possesses attributes they are already comfortable with. 

Secondly, I think the flat roof alternatives we were considering (torch-on and other membranes) do not exactly compost once their service life is done.  Where does a flat roof membrane end up in 30, 80, or 1000 years?   I can’t say the metal roof we decided upon isn’t without an ecological footprint but I can say it will last a long time and is essentially made up of inorganic metals that will one day be recycled into a new roof. 

Thirdly, we like the look of the standing seam metal roof with the hidden gutter system shown in the picture above.  It’s handsome enough to be unique but it still fits in with housing styles on the west coast of Vancouver Island British Columbia.

Thanks for reading this blog on our new roof and we welcome any comments about the new roof in the comment section below.

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