Monday, 25 May 2015

Cabin in the Woods; Building Permit

Welcome to the next Cabin In The Woods blog.  We recently received our building permit from the Juan de Fuca CRD building Inspection office!  Much documentation was required to assure CRD building inspection that The Cabin in the Woods will meet or exceed the requirements of the BC building code.  Included in our application for the building permit were drawings and documents detailing the construction of The Cabin In The Woods.  Our structural, geotechnical and building envelope engineers have issued letters of assurance that they all approve of the design and site.  The picture below shows the building site as it currently sits. 

The site is ready for construction to begin.  Compacted engineered pads designed for our footings are ready for us to pour on.  Geotechnical documentation of compacting these pads was included in the building permit application. 

This is a 3 dimensional view of the footings that we are about to pour.  The rammed earth walls will be built directly on top of these footings.

We have chosen a green footing formwork material.  It’s a fabric system and it uses a lot less wood and prevents rising damp in the footings.  Rising damp is excessive moisture wicking through the footing concrete into and under wall cavities.  This has been shown to cause moisture, insect and mould problems in wood structures.  Although our rammed earth walls will not rot, breed insects or mould, its still best to limit moisture migration in the walls from the damp earth surrounding the footings.
After pouring into the fabric forms the excess fabric is then flashed over the top of the footing. 

Thanks for reading this update on the status of The Cabin In The Woods and we will send updates as we move towards pouring the footings.

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  1. Would LOVE to build a rammed earth home here!!! (Near Huntsville, TX)
    Anyone in the area certified??